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Learn English with VOA News

Learn American English and Much More. Read, listen, learn!
With VOA News.

The Special English Web site is an excellent tool to practice and improve your American English. VOA Special English radio programs are broadcast every day of the year on the VOA network. Each broadcast starts with world news, followed by a short feature report and a 15 minute feature.
Throughout this site you will find radio scripts from these feature programs and the matching audio file of the text as it was delivered on the radio. They also offer both RealAudio and MP3 downloadable audio files that you can save and play over and over again.
Find a report that interests you. You can find the scripts by topic or by the name of the radio program.
Read along and listen to the audio report. At the same time you will learn new information about a variety of subjects from issues in the news to American history.
Click herefor a list of radio programs.

More listening skills.