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Google's language immersion tool is fun and effective!

The best way to learn a foreign language is to be immersed in it. But we do not always have the option to stay in a native speaking country. Well, Google has a solution: the language immersion tool. All you have to do is have it turned on while surfing English language pages and you'll get immersed in the selected language (unfortunately it does not work the other way around). How much? You choose: there are five levels from novice to fluent. It is a Chrome extension, so it does not work with other browsers.

Here is an example: I set the language to German, intermediate level. You can see how much of the text is shown in German under these settings. The context makes it easy and natural to figure out the meaning. When clicking on a word, it will change back to Eglish. One more click and it turns into German again. You can make it speak, too!

I have found it a very effective and fun way of learning a new language.