Tea's Irregular Past Tense Spelling Game

Check out my Irregular Past Tense Spelling Game!
I made it because I had always missed something from the ones I found on the net, mainly the amount of words they make you practice. So I decided to make one myself :)
You can practise 60 irregular past tense verbs with it.
There are 5x12 verbs, each goup is set in a short story. There are 3 or 4 tasks for each group of verbs (16 tasks altogether.

Here's how it goes:
  1. You must find the present equivalent of the verb in the given sentence. If your answer is right, the verb will disappear.
  2. The same, only a bit more difficult: the verb will not disappear, you will only hear a sound if the answer is right
  3. You must complete the sentences with the proper past tense verb
I have already tested it on some of my students, it seemed to be effective :) Come on, TRY it!


Thanks for the nice article. This the funny and easiest way to learn English.
Anonymous said…
Interesting post. I use flashcards approach to learn up to 50 new words per day. Flashcards are always with me - in queue, bus, shop. To build cards I use Accelebrain
Learn English said…
Nice post....very useful....
Hasfiyah Assan said…
hai..im Has from malaysia. I am so interested with your ideas in teaching past tense. Can you share what software that you used? I really glad if you can help me in completing my action research. Warm regards from Malaysia..
Tea said…
Hi, Has. I'm afraid it is not a public software, but something one of my friens made and gave me to experiment with.
Good luck with your research.

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