The English Language In 24 Accents

People speak a little different English in different parts of the world. This guy does a great job demonstating the most common accents:


Nancy said…
I liked this video, that guy has really good oral skills and we can appreciate clearly different accents at least english or any language sounds in different accents and the most important thing is communicate, I love it, Congratulations guy!

Kae said…
Very interesting accents you have performed here. Lol.. some of them I hardly understand,yet you did pretty good job. Will you do Thai accent in the future?
Kae said…
I came across your video which you have very well performed on different accents. I found them very interesting although they made me confused with those accents. ha ha ha
HELEN said…
Very good! Thanks for your sharing especially the video. I like it. The boy in the video has the most common accent, right?

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