Practice online with your coursebook

If you are an esl (English as Second Language)or efl (English as a Foreign Language) learner, I would strongly advice you to use a good coursebook. Oxford and Cambridge are the leading names, but other publishers have some good stuff, too.
I like using coursebooks from Oxford University Press because of the wide range of activities they offer on the internet. They provide grammar and vocabulary exercises, tests, games, etc. to each of the units of their most popular coursebooks. (I'm not paid to say this - I simply like them...)

Here's the list of the coursebooks they offer online practice for.

For example, if you are learning from Headway Elementary, you can choose Headway, then Elementary, then you'll be offered different fields of practice, and then a list of the units. Eg. you can find the grammar practice (present simple) for Unit 4 here.

Some of the exercises are okay to be used without the books. I'll add some of them later.

More practice online.


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